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Engage your employees to stay resilient

We believe that with the right communication channels and access to knowledge & support, every employee can be engaged to stay resilient. Moodtalk provides the digital platform to support a continuous, open and data-based dialogue in teams.

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Use a data-driven approach to stay on top what’s needed in your organization

Moodtalk follows a data-driven approach to quantify and make sense of employee sentiment data – always with privacy in mind. Build an understanding of what your employees, your leaders and your organization desire.

Have seamless access to validated solutions to build resilience

Based on every employee’s feedback, Moodtalk aims to provide validated health resources which are really needed.

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Prevent cost of absences and presentism early on

Rely on a validated solution to strengthen resilience

Value privacy of your employees at all times

For you as an employee

A platform to bring up personal preferences and track your team mood

A channel to raise your hand and provide anonymous feedback

One place for seamless access to health resources

Our Team

“Every employee should have a channel to speak up and influence the work setting”

Cyrill Inderbitzin

Co-Founder & Lead Product

“Every employee should be able to strengthen their resilience in a sustainable work environment.”

Loris Niederberger

Co-Founder & Lead Business Development

“Early signals of mental fatigue can be better understood by the help of AI”

Sue Chen

Lead Analytics

“Mental Health is getting more and more important in an increasingly digital workplace”

Jonas Purtschert

Lead Software Development

Strategic Advisory Board

Beat Fellmann

Advisor Strategy & Finance

Daniel Heller

Advisor Healthcare

Hans Werner

Advisor HR Tech

Specialist Advisory Board

Prof. Roland v. Känel

Clinical Advisor

Sonia Sidhu

Advisor Mental Health

Stefanie Hafner

Advisor Org. Psychology

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